Mar 17, 2017

David Family Ancestry

ANN DAVID or DAVIS, the first wife of SAMUEL LEIGH of Carmarthen, was a devout Baptist and lived in Llanelli (the name is spelled Llanelli even though it was spelled differently in the past). She was upset when her husband invited the Mormon missionaries to preach in her home, but when she was disfellowshiped without a hearing from the Baptist church for opening her home to the Mormons, she seriously investigated the LDS church and was baptized into that church in February 1848. Her husband was baptized a month later.

Her husband sold their two homes and possessions and made plans to emigrate with other Welsh families to Utah. They traveled by boat to Liverpool, England, and from there by a different boat to the United States. In New Orleans, they traveled up the Mississippi river towards St. Joseph, Missouri, but Ann and a newborn boy named Samuel Leigh became sick with the plague, and they both died after they had reached St. Louis and headed to St. Joseph.

Ann's father, Henry David, was a butcher. He was a proud descendant of the David family. His ancestors are documented in this blog, beginning with his Family Group Record

By Allen Leigh

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