Mar 17, 2017


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Richard Nash Lucy Walter Bridgett Leigh Stephen Hughes Oakley Leigh Rev. Edmund Leigh
David Leigh

This section serves as a supplement to the Leigh Descendancy Chart. It fleshes out, develops, and expands several of the chart's slight figures revealed only by dates, locations, marital status, a few comments, and source notes.

Many LEIGH people from our past have to remain such blank figures because we can find no more information on them. But with several ancestors and relatives, we are very fortunate in learning of their personalities, their characters, and sometimes their place in history.

In some of these biographies I have also speculated on people's lives about which we cannot find exact information. Such speculation is not for readers who want only facts and don't enjoy unsolved puzzles and unanswerable questions. But for those of us who do enjoy speculation, genealogy provides lots of "maybes" and "what ifs." As for myself, I don't find life clear cut and explainable now, and believe the past was the same for our ancestors. So some of the following biographies raise questions and leave them unsolved.

Three of the biographies are related to the notorious legendary curse upon the Lloyd family of Maesyfelin. They are biographies of Bridgett Leigh, Stephen Hughes, and Oakley Leigh. They should be read together in that order.

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