Mar 17, 2017

1st Generation Oakley Leighs

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 Starting in 1st Generation of Oakley Leighs
4th Generation of Leighs
15. OAKLEY LEIGH (est 1640 - bur 6 Mar 1709 St Peter's). Father: 8 RICHARD LEIGH

md ?MARGARETTA PRICHARD (bef 1655 - bur ?7 May 1728 St Peter's), dau of JOHN PRICHARD and NN UNKNOWN of Abergwili
56. Richard LEIGH (chr 5 Dec 1671 St Peter's - ?)
57. Dorothy LEIGH (chr 22 Mar 1673 St Peter's - ?)
58. Elizabeth LEIGH
59. Charles LEIGH (chr 14 Feb 1679 St Peter's - ? 16 Apr 1757 Llanarthney), gent, dyer
60. Lucius LEIGH (chr 11 Apr 1680 - bur 29 Aug 1680 both St Peter's)
Like the three LEIGH boys who were probably named for their wealthy cousin CHARLES LLOYD, this Lucius was likely named for Charles' elder brother who became Sir Lucius LLOYD. Both were unfortunate, as this infant died within five months and Sir Lucius died by his own hand as a young man.
61. Nash LEIGH (chr 21 Apr 1682 - bur 23 Apr 1682 both St Peter's)
Interestingly, the long tradition of LEIGH use of the NASH name (presumably in honor of ELIZABETH NASH's father living in 1597) had already begun with RICHARD's son Richard Nash LEIGH born before 1671. It continued until at least 1864, when the 7X-great-grandson of RICHARD NASH, i.e. 103. SAMUEL LEIGH in Utah, named a son Edmund Nash LEIGH. The tradition also continued in Wales with the 4X-great grandson of RICHARD NASH (see 41.WILLIAM in 1762) and with a 6X-great-grandson (see 87. Vicar WILLIAM LEIGH in about 1827).
62. Sheldon LEIGH (chr 29 Apr 1684 St Peter's - ?)
Apparently named after his great-grandparents of the English SHELDON family of DOROTHY OAKLEY, he may have moved to England, or died young. Nothing more was found of him.
The first name of (the father) OAKLEY LEIGH's wife is nowhere given, though her family is very well documented and she is twice clearly identified in the Edwardes pedigree as the wife of OAKLEY LEIGH, so there can be no doubt of her family relation. The awkwardness of referring to her as NN made me speculate on a possible name, so I chose the otherwise unknown "Margaretta Leigh" who was buried at St Peter's within the possible time frame of OAKLEY's wife. Also, the name "Margaretta" appeared in the Bishop's Transcripts of Abergwili, where the PRICHARD family had lived earlier in the century. The question mark indicates the speculative nature of her Christian name, but not her family status.
?MARGARETTA PRICHARD has our longest and most interesting pedigree, which extends back to Welsh royalty in the 9th century. See the PRICHARD ANCESTRY.

OAKLEY LEIGH's inventory, dated 4 May 1710, makes clear that he was a dyer, as his estate included "one old Dyeing ffurnace and one Blew vatt." He also left "Eight old Leather Chaires, ffourteen Small pewter Dishes and Twenty five old pewter plates, one fowling piece [a gun], and Two old Mares." Unfortunately OAKLEY's will has not survived, but his eldest son Charles must have inherited the dyer's works, because he was later identified as "Carolus Leigh dyer" when he signed the Administration Bond for Richard LEIGH, minor son of Charles' late cousin JONATHAN LEIGH, who died in 1717. We found nothing of a wife or children, and presumably Charles died at the home of his sister ELIZABETH in Capel Dewi.  
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