Mar 17, 2017

1st Gen Other Oakley Leigh

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1st Generation of Other Oakley Leighs
5th Generations of Leighs

64. OAKLEY LEIGH (est 1688 - 23 Jul 1721 Lampeter) of Millfield/ Maesyfelin, Cards.
Father: 15. OAKLEY LEIGH
md BLANCHE THOMAS (? - aft Nov 1720) before 1714

125. Elizabeth LEIGH (chr 20 Feb 1714 Lampeter - ?)
126. OAKLEY LEIGH (the infamous)
127. Charles LEIGH (chr 13 July 1718 Lampeter - ?)
We did not find the Christening record of 64 Oakley among the records for all of the other known children of this Oakley, who were all christened in St Peter's parish church in Carmarthen. We assumed his identity from his name and his last will (see next paragraph). Now DNA studies confirm that our assumption is correct. A male descendant of John and a male descendant of 64 Oakley (both sons of 15 Oakley) have a very close match of 67 markers with a Genetic Distance of only 1. See DNAResults.

This OAKLEY moved from Carmarthen to the estate of Maesyfelin (English Millfield) and the town of Lampeter in Cardigan. Since he was called "Oakley Leigh of Millfield" he must have been employed on the estate, which was inherited by 1700 by Sir CHARLES LLOYD, second son of OAKLEY's aunt BRIDGETT LEIGH and Sir FRANCIS LLOYD. See biographies of BRIDGETT and OAKLEY LEIGH for this estate. The Lampeter church records of OAKLEY's children's christening were written in large letters, but gave no title or explanation. Presumably he was a steward or other official of Maesyfelin. His will of 1721 showed that he still had a close relation to his brother JOHN in Carmarthen and his brother-in-law WILLIAM REES of Capel Dewi, whom he named as trustees for his wife and five-year-old son 126 OAKLEY.

Sources: Lampeter Bishop's Transcripts (Films no.104503, 105148); St Peter's Collocation of Names (Film no.104504); OAKLEY's will and inventory (NLW SD/1721/61 W I)

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